Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Favorite Things

In many ways we are entering one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Now let me clarify.  I like a few days with the pretty white fluffy stuff but then I am tooooo cold and long to fly south like the birds. Overall I do enjoy the changing of seasons.  With Abby's death this summer I think I am more ready to move along into the next season and place in time and find balance in making new memories along with cherishing the old.
To me the heralding of a new season is never complete with out appropriate decoration inside my home while paying attention to God's decoration outside my window.  Somehow my decorating box has more fall and Christmas stuff in it then most of the other seasons though I do have a pretty wreath or two that I like to display for those.
Before you get all in a tizzy about me bringing up Christmas, let me remind you that we have less then 2 months till the actual day and since we always travel during the season, I feel I have the perfect reason to get started a bit earlier so I have sufficient time to enjoy all my efforts.  Plus shouldn't the birth of our amazing Savior be celebrated all year?
To get my thoughts back to the "task at hand" ~ showcasing a few of my favorite things.
I never cease to be amazed at the color in God's world.  He is such an artist.

The take-your-breath-away colors of the October sky

I am blessed to have a few treasured Milk Glass pieces
Love including them in my decor.

I like to start with my December to do list as soon as I can so that I have time to make memories with out feeling rushed. As I think back to memories of Christmas past, my mind is always drawn to my 6th Christmas which would have been in the early 80's.  I remember Dad working a lot and how even though we as children didn't realize it, my parents were probably struggling to make ends meet for their young growing family.  I don't know how in the world they got it done, but that year our Christmas was totally hand made.  Mama made matching night gowns for my sister and I.  They were white with small pink rosebuds on them.  I sure wish I had a photo of them.  They were darling and one of my most favorite gowns ever.  Dad in the meantime build us a darling 2 story doll house.  It granted us many happy hours of endless play and imagination.  As the years went on and my baby sister came along, we actually redid the inside of the house for her as a Christmas present one year.  This year during our last vacation with Abby my mama presented it to my girls and they have had many happy hours as well. 

Nana is now busy buying furniture and toys and small doll sets
and the house is once again filled with joy and sits in a prominent place in my 
girlies bedroom.

Some more scenes from around our farm....

The old barn is beautiful in all seasons!

As we enter this time, my mind goes back to the things we did as a family prior to losing one of us... things I will never regret taking the time to do. They will forever grace my "favorite things" list.

Yes letting the little hands help with baking can dramatically lengthen 
the process not to mention the whole making it messier part but the joy it brings 
it so worth it!

When I took this photo last year, I had no idea it would be our last Christmas 
together. That is now my daily challenge to myself....
Grab & Cherish every moment you can ~ You never know when it will be the last.

Even in my grief I continue to fail in my relationships with my precious children, but I am reminded over and over of the importance of starting over right away,  of saying "I'm sorry" and giving lots of hugs and kisses and searching for ways to make new memories along the way.

The season culminates with a trip to my parent's home in the sunny south where my siblings and their families all show up as well.  While this year will be different, we have already decided to do things just for fun.  Things like playing legos and lincoln logs together, going to the zoo and coloring pictures as a family are already in the plans.  Of course we will be eating too.  Nana's long standing tradition of making her famous pecan tarts and yummy pie will be greatly appreciated and enjoyed.

Mama's famous Squash custard...my mouth is watering!

These are always rationed out.  Some family members (we won't mention any names)
have been known to hide whole containers of this yummyness under HER bed.

November marks the time of year for gratitude.  In compiling lists for myself in ways such as this, I am reminded of how many blessing I really do have and even though my life is not all rosy, especially in this season of grief I do have so very much to Thank God for. Plus it prompts me to be intentional in spending precious moments with those I love!
Like the title of my blog says...."It's the Little Things"

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