Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Celebrating Abby ~ a Photo Journal of her Funeral week events ~ July 19, 2014 (Group 2)

I had so many wonderful photographers show up to help us remember the moments of Abby's celebration.  Each one is taken from a bit of a different view point and each one has been equally special to us.
This grouping was taken by my dear friend, Natalie Yutzy.
She came to our home for our special perfect night of lantern lighting, an event especially for the young ones.  It was reminiscent of another movie favorite of Abby's - Tangled where there were lanterns lit each year in memory of the lost princess. It was very symbolic to us as a family of us releasing her spirit heavenward.  Many family and friends gathered in our yard and we watched together and at the end sang "Safe in the Arms of Jesus"

She also captured our fabulous service committee and their helpers hard at work preparing the delicious meal which is one of my favorite (total comfort food) - fresh green beans and scalloped potatoes with ham.
Our church family is awesome!

The rest of these pretty much speak for themselves....
Thanks again for watching out for us Natalie! Love you!

During the service Hunter got all worried about not having Abby's "lid" open again so the funeral directors opened the casket out at the graveyard for us to have one final peek....Good bye sweet one

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