Friday, October 25, 2013


Waiting (perhaps I should say patience) is not my greatest attribute. My habit is to swoop in, assess, and fix the "problem" in the fastest, easiest way possible.  God doesn't always agree with my plan and that sends me into a tail spin where I usually end up eating lots of chocolate, grumping at my family, shopping or writing. Which one is the safest I haven't quite figured out tho I am sure figuring out the grumpy one usually only worsens my already dour mood and sure doesn't serve my family well. 
This week has been one of those seasons of waiting.  I had cleared my calendar and was happily anticipating all the fun stuff I was going to accomplish when bam! I got picked for waiting....I have to admit my first impulse was to rush out and try to fill my calendar to so I didn't have to "feel"  the waiting to the deepest extent. Though I did add a few activities I have also spent some time pondering which is one of the reasons I believe God calls us into the game of waiting. In the business of life pondering doesn't always take place but for me, pondering usually brings me to prayer and who can argue with the power of prayer?! 
So I am praying and waiting some more and though it isn't an activity I would pick I know I am probably growing even if I wish God could pick other less exhausting ways to accomplish making me what HE wants me to be.
2 things keep bringing me comfort;  a verse my mama has all over her house on her eagle motif ~ "But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength"...and one of my all time favorite songs from the movie Fireproof.

Waiting and pondering isn't all bad.  I have found a few extra moments to enjoy life and truly see the beauty God has gifted us with. He is so good to pour out sweet amazing peace on his grumpy child even in seasons of waiting.  

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